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  |  Water Heater Replacement  |  Sump Pumps  |  Gas Piping 
Concrete Core Drilling  |   Water Softener Installations  |  Mini Excavator Services
Haussner Plumbing offers complete new construction plumbing service.  From the original and accurate proposal to the final plumbing inspection, you can be assured that we have you taken care of.  You will have no hassles or worries when we are on the job, whether it’s a new residential home, commercial building or a commercial build out, give us a call today for an estimate on your project.

  Remodeling REMODELING
Haussner Plumbing offers complete plumbing remodeling services.  Thinking about remodeling a bathroom or maybe time for a change in your kitchen.  No matter if it’s  just a simple fixture change out or a major remodel moving fixtures around, we can handle it for you, give us a call for an estimate on your project today.

  Basement Finishes

Haussner Plumbing can handle all basement plumbing finishing needs.  From a basic finish using the existing drain rough-ins to moving things around.  Maybe you would like to add a bar sink in the basement, in most cases that can be done.  Give us a call today to get an estimate on basement finish project.
    Fixture Replacement FIXTURE REPLACEMENT
Haussner Plumbing can replace those old out of date faucets and fixtures for you.  Whether you would like to stick with the basics or step up to some higher end faucets or fixtures, we can handle it for you.  Whether it’s one faucet you’d like replaced or multiple bathrooms fixtures replaced, give us a call for an estimate today.

Haussner Plumbing offers complete water heater replacement service.  Whether it has started leaking already or you would like to replace it before it does.  Give us a call today for an estimate on getting your water heater replaced.

Water Heater    

Haussner Plumbing can install a new sump pump in your home. Whether you want to replace the existing sump pump or put a pump in that empty sump basket in your basement.  Give us a call today for an estimate on your sump pump needs.

  Gas Piping

Haussner Plumbing can do all kinds of gas piping work for you.  Whether you need a new appliance hooked up or a new line run, we can handle it.  Give us a call today for an estimate on your gas piping project.


Haussner Plumbing offers concrete core drilling services for many residential and commercial applications. We can core drill the holes you require whether it be in a poured concrete walls, block walls, concrete floors, span-crete floors or any other concrete surface needing a hole drilled. We have many sizes available, please give us a call to discuss your core drilling needs.


Haussner Plumbing offers water softener installation or replacement. Whether you want to add a water softener to your home or business or replace an existing water softener. We can test your water and size a system to meet your needs. Give us a call today for an estimate on getting your water softener installed or replaced.


Haussner Plumbing offers mini excavator services. We can install water and/or sewer lines to accessory buildings, water lines to yard hydrants, flammable waste trap installation, trenching for gas, electrical or other private utilities, or any other light trenching.