Using one of our plumbing showrooms will ensure that you have the best possible plumbing fixture choices available to you. When the fixtures are purchased through one of our showrooms we can offer you a full parts and labor warranty against manufactures defects for a period of one year. Damaged or defective fixtures not purchased through the showrooms are subject to service call charges to repair or replace.

Defective or damaged plumbing fixtures can potentially cause a great deal damage to a home or building. If damage occurs to a building due to a defective plumbing fixture we will accept full responsibility if it was furnished and installed by us. If a plumbing fixture is purchased from another source other than through us, we can NOT accept responsibility for that fixture.

Save time, hassle and confusion by buying through one of our showrooms. When you purchase plumbing fixtures through us, you can be assured that the fixtures will be delivered and handled by us to your job site in a safe and on time fashion. Purchasing through one of our showrooms will enable us keep track of what fixtures go where on your project. Also this will help to keep track of what fixtures might yet need to be selected, taking the hassle away from you doing this. In turn this all contributes to your project being completed professionally and on time.